Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

We have compiled a page of questions we are most frequently asked by our visitors. Please click on a question to view its corresponding answer or call us directly and one of our friendly staff will assist you.

Q; Can a person who has filed for bankruptcy still get an auto loan? If so, how long must a person wait after filing Chapter 7 before they can get an auto?

A: Yes! We help people with credit problems such as bankruptcy (discharged), no credit or bad credit, get reliable transportation and a car loan, at terms they can afford. Most car dealerships are not prepared to deal with the credit challenged person. We are the specialists, this is all we do. We treat our customers with the respect they deserve.

Q. What makes EZ Pay Car and Truck different from other Buy Here Pay Here's?

A. Our program and philosophy that makes us different. It's about more than a car. We provide our customers with the combination of quality vehicles, affordable financing, friendly, honest assistance and expert servicing after the sale. That's why our customers give us high customer satisfaction ratings.

Q. Who is your typical customer?

A. Our customers are hard-working men and women, and young people just starting out. They usually need a car for work. Many of them have a credit challenge-which is not surprising, since nearly 50 percent of Americans don’t qualify for automobile financing at conventional financial institutions. Using our own in house financing program, we are as accommodating as possible. We want our customers to get back on the road to maximizing their opportunity for advancement.

Q. How do you provide financing?

A. We don’t just sell a person a car. We work with all customers to find the best vehicles for their needs, and the best ones for their monthly budget. That’s in our best interest and the customer’s. Selling a car that the customer can’t afford does neither of us any good. Simply put, we’re not just looking for a sale—we are looking for a relationship.

Q. What’s EZ Pay Car and Truck’s view on customer care?

A. Our goal is simple: Exceed the customer’s expectations, because our success is in their hands. Here’s something we do that is not expected in the market: We trust our customer. We treat him or her with dignity and respect. We thoroughly explain the terms of the sale. We put out the facts, and then we let the customer decide. No gimmicks, No tricks, No hidden fees. We know what buying a used car can be like, particularly for people accustomed to being underserved. We don’t want anxiety. We don’t want distrust. And we don’t want failure in our relationship. We want satisfied customers.

Q: Does that mean you charge high interest rates?

A: No At EZ Pay Car and Truck, our interest rates are the lowest in the Industry and we offer flexible payment terms. In some cases, our payments are lower than a normal car dealer's. In addition, our loan process is quick, straightforward and easy.

Q: Do you need large down payments?

A: EZ Pay Car and Truck locations have vehicles starting with down payments as low as $299. We know you work hard for your money. You can use a trade in or anything of value as a down payment. Even if you don’t have your down payment right now, you owe it to yourself to contact us and let us show you what we can do. In addition, all EZ Pay Car and Truck purchases have an option to come with our Unlimited Mile Service Warranty. We offer not only the car, but peace of mind as well.

Q: Can I qualify if I currently have a auto loan now?

A: Yes! We customize our financing based on your current situation. 100% approved.

Q: What kind of cars do you sell?

A: At EZ Pay Car and Truck, we sell all kinds of cars, SUV’s, minivans and trucks. We have sporty 2 doors, 4 door sedans, minivans, and sport utilities. Every vehicle is serviced at our own in-house facility and undergoes a comprehensive safety inspection. You can be sure of safe, reliable transportation.

Q: What are the requirements for purchasing a vehicle at EZ Pay Car and Truck?

A: You will need most recent pay stubs or proof of income, proof of full coverage insurance, your trade if you have one and any down payment you may have. You will talk directly to one of the decision makers, and we’ll show you vehicles that fit your budget and credit situation. At EZ Pay Car and Truck, we want the vehicle, and the loan, to fit your specific needs.

Q: How do the payments work?

A: Payments can be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, based on income, your personal situation and the vehicle purchased. We are able to provide more flexible financing options than new car and ordinary used car dealerships, because we are the lender. The decisions are ours to make. This gives us an advantage the other guys just don’t have. Payments are usually made at our office but can be mailed to our office as well. We will custom design a financing program based on what works best for your individual situation.

Q: What types of people buy cars from EZ Pay Car and Truck?

A: EZ Pay Car and Truck Car help all kinds of people buy cars. We understand that good people can and sometimes do have credit problems. EZ Pay Car and Truck has helped professionals, white collar and blue collar workers, medical professionals, divorced people, people with unpaid bills, and many others from all walks of life. What you do for a living, where you live, or where you went to school does not define, you or your credit situation. At EZ Pay Car and Truck, you are treated as an individual- not just a credit rating. Our credit specialists will discuss with you the vehicles and loan terms that work for you. And remember, no matter who you are or what your credit situation, we will treat you with dignity and respect.

Q: Do you take trade ins?

A: Yes, we take trade ins of any make, model and year.

Q: How do you help people rebuild their credit?

A: EZ Pay car and Truck sells cars and makes loans to people that banks and most car dealerships don’t want, or aren’t prepared to deal with. One of our goals is to build a long term arrangement with you. The vehicle and loan you purchase will fit your ability to pay. We want you to complete your loan successfully and then purchase your next vehicle from us. Many of our customers are able to upgrade vehicles in 12-24 months from their first purchase from us. Your successful loan completion at EZ Pay Car and Truck will enhance your credit rating. Plus, when you buy from EZ Pay Car and Truck, we help you stay current. Your payments may be made weekly or bi-weekly instead of monthly. You may find it is easier for you to budget. And because we don't shop your loan around to a bunch of banks, your credit report won't suffer by making it appear like you're looking for money—which is exactly what happens when you buy from other dealerships. Best of all, unlike smaller dealerships, each time you make an on-time payment to us, we'll report it to the credit bureaus, so you can start to establish a better credit rating immediately.

Q: If I want to be approved for an EZ Pay Car and Truck loan and vehicle, what do I have to do?

A: You have a number of choices..... First, you could stop by one of our offices and talk to one of our credit specialists in person. They will speak to you about your credit situation in a relaxed manner. Once your budget and needs are established, you can select a vehicle. Or... You can phone one of our offices and complete the quick application over the phone during regular business hours. Or... You can apply for pre-approval online at this site. Just go to our “Online Credit Approval“, fill out the information, and one of our credit specialists will personally review it. Then we contact you by phone or email within 24 hours! (Financing Application – Click Here)

Q: What makes you different from the other car dealers advertising for people with credit problems?

A: Many things make us different, but here is a short list...

  • We want to Help Good People with Bad Credit. This is all we do.
  • We have been in business since 1955 – we have the experience
  • 2 locations to choose from
  • We offer you the ability to purchase an Unlimited Mile Powertrain Warranty for every vehicle
  • Professional, experienced, highly trained staff
  • Some of the best vehicles you will find!
  • We match the car, the payments and the term of the loan to your individual situation
  • We are in this for the long haul. We will always be here when you need us.
  • This is only a short list. Call or stop in to see for yourself!